Monday, February 2, 2009

2009 - The Year of Gratitude

I always thought it was funny how some of our friends would have a theme for the year. They would announce it at their birthday parties, then reminisce about past themes. "Remember '02 is was the year of You" etc. Well this year so far I seem to really be dwelling on Gratitude, so why not make it a year of Gratitude.

What is making me so grateful? Well I realized over Christmas break that we are so "friend-rich". We have great friends. It took awhile to really find our people in Wenatchee. Not that these are new friends, its just seemed to have spend more time with them this year.

We have a very abundant life. We live part of the year here and part of the year on Cape Cod. We seem to have freedom from want, and what we can't get.....well we realize that we don't really need it. It seems that as we try to pair down we recieve more. More of what? Well it is usually the stuff that you can't buy and the stuff that means more. That is to say less stuff, more real life.

We are grateful that we have a happy child who is as funny as we are. She keeps us laughing and amazed daily.

I am grateful for Facebook. It gives me great joy to reconnect with people who have been far from me for so long. Who would have thought that my best friend and fellow Duran Duran lover would find me after all these years.

My husband is grateful for Craiglist. It gives him great joy to reconnect with all those old cars and tools from years past. Who would have thought that those relics would actually end up in our yard. He enjoys nothing better than bringing back to life something that someone threw out as useless.

And I'm sure the list will get longer as we think about it more. So here is to the Year of Gratitude! Cheers!

Monday, December 29, 2008

A Blog Note at the End of 2008

Gone are the rants about politics or anger at those fearful Jeezy people who stole my religion. Gone are the evenings of pundit watching and political blog scouring. Gone are the poll updates and our big ass Obama sign. Soon GDubya will be gone too. Let's hope Sarah stays in Alaska.

Our brains seemed to be completely consumed in politics this year. Zmo's first steps occured the day of the caucus. Every morning started with Morning Edition and the evenings ended with Countdown. My husband shopped on Craigslist to ease the tension of a possible McCain presidency, while I watched the numbers come in on TV. Zmo chanted Obamaobamaobama as if it were a song.

But now that the ultimate game of Survivor is over.....what else is there to watch on TV? I hope... I hope for a year of Hope. I hope that we Americans are not let off the hook. That we are called to sacrifice and that we rise to the challenge. I hope that politicians will say "enough!" and they sit down and create a budget that works. I hope that people will no longer have their medical tragedies told on collection cans at Starbucks and Grocery stores; people should have the right to health care, good health care, just like our European and Canadian friends. I hope that Education will be a budget priority where people will be paid their worth and testing will become a tool instead of an end goal. I hope that people use less of our world resources so that our children will have a green world to live in. I hope for peace, people have seen enough terror in the 20th century alone, to last us thousands of lifetimes.

So let's all hope for a hopeful 2009.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Apfelblüte! Apple Blossom, duh!

Here are some great pictures from our week of Apple Blossom festivities. Zmo loved the parades, especially the bands. She rocked out to the cadences and the horns. At one point we thought she was going to take off on her new found legs and jump in line with one of the drill teams. The weather was perfect and we enjoyed some great food and fun with friends. As the Apple Blossom Queen passed by, we couldn't help but think.....Zmo would look good in that crown someday.